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Initial release: May 9, 2008 (USA)
Director: David DeCoteau
Initial DVD release: August 21, 2009 (Czech Republic)
Screenplay: Simon Savory
Music director: Harry Manfredini

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About Cast

Michael Cardelle
Frank Mentier
Jaimyse Haft
Bart Voitila
Jack Carlisle


Michael Cardelle who is playing the of Victor Reynolds in the movie is visiting his friends, brother and sister Roderick and Madeline Usher on their family estate. The interesting part of the movie starts from here because there is something which is wrong about the house. There is some gothic elements which haunts the house. They did not feel right around the house. In the beginning they think that it is their servant who is doing all these thing to afraid them but later they found that it was not he who was doing all the horrible things. As time passes they realize that his life is in danger and there is no way to escape from the danger. As the time was going the situation was becoming worse and worse. Soon he found that anyone who ever visited this place never retuned back.

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